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Area Rug Cleaning

Hand-woven or machine-made, natural wool or synthetic, area rugs come in patterns and color schemes to suit every taste. They add warmth and beauty to a room, the perfect backdrop for home life or the workplace. UCM Services Needham can help you maintain your rugs for many more years of enjoyment with our rug cleaning service.

Individualized Care

Each rug has its own characteristics that can influence the cleaning process. Our rug cleaning begins with a careful inspection of the rug. We look at the type of fiber used. Rugs can be made from a variety of materials, including natural fibers like silk and wool. A 100% wool rug may have cotton foundation threads. We consider how the rug is put together, and test whether or not the dyes may bleed. We look for staining and areas of wear or damage. We inspect the fringe.

Cleaning On-site or In-plant

Based on the personal examination of your rug, UCM Services Needham's rug cleaning technicians will discuss with you how best to proceed. We are able to clean many types of rugs on-site. If rugs are delicate or heavily soiled, they may benefit from extra pampering at our in-plant workshop. For your convenience, we also offer a free pickup and delivery service for in-plant treatments, and we will help you lay out your rug again when it is returned to you, neatly wrapped and clean. Our workshop is equipped with equipment for dusting, cleaning and drying rugs safely and effectively.


Have you ever seen a rug rubbed bare in spots? It might not be due to walking on the top of the rug, but to embedded dirt that has damaged the rug from the foundation. Rugs can hide pounds of dirt and dust deep inside their pile without appearing dirty, and regular vacuuming will not remove all of it, especially in wool rugs.

Any rug cleaning has to make removing these dirt particles the top priority. The first step of our cleaning process uses gentle vibration to remove as much of the dry soil from the rug as possible.


Through our cleaning methods, we will lift away stains and bring the vibrancy back to your rug, with brightened colors and carefully washed fringe. If necessary, we also offer minor rug repair and refining services, to return your rug to top condition.


UCM Services Needham uses air circulation and rug drying equipment to make sure that your rug will dry without shrinkage or buckling. Once completely dry, we inspect your rug again before wrapping it up for delivery.

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